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It’s All Happening

18 hour countdown ’till Thailand starts NOW. Excited isn’t even the word. I’m crazy, over the top, out of my mind excited. Despite the fact that I have the worst head cold of all time. Bumcicles. My nose is like a running faucet. I’ll soldier right through though, because it’s freakin’ THAILAND.

I’ve got one million more things to do between now and my 1:00 flight out of here tomorrow, so I may not get to post the super adorbs pics of the kiddies during our Christmas party today. I will def post as soon as I get back next Sunday! I’ll miss you all!

As they say in Korean Meh-wee Clismasssss-uh!!!!!!

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It’s Friday… we’ve got a cooking class (the kinders are making Christmas cookies), a singing contest, and it’s snowing out. The babies can hardly contain themselves. We had rice cake soup and kimchee for lunch and everyone is smiley faced and full of energy. It’s a great day here at Kids Club. **Knock on wood** No amount of fun can totally ward off the impromptu meltdown that some of my kids are known for. So far so good though!

I too am smiley faced and full of energy despite the head cold I’ve been fighting for 4 days. I got my AR card yesterday! HEY OH! That means I can legally leave and re-enter this country for my Thailand trip. We were cutting it close since I didn’t have my alien registration card before I booked the flight to Thailand and it usually take 4 weeks while I had just 5. So, yeah. That’s a huge weight off my shoulders! And my mom sent me a box full of swim suits from home that arrived today, so I wouldn’t have to wear a turtle neck and pants on the beach a la the Amish. Only 8 more sleeps, as we say around here, until I’m lounging on a white sand beach in the sunshine (totally covered in SPF, BTW, as my skin is a lovely shade of paste currently)! I am SUPER STOKED!

I feel like this.


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Mele Kalikimaka

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Letters to Santa

When I got the monthly schedule and saw that today, December 14th, was “Letters to Santa” day, I was super pumped. I have been waiting all month for this! I love letters to Santa! Here are my babies best written letters that express (quite well, I think) their every hope and dream for Christmas morning.

I didn’t write Santa a letter. Mostly because I couldn’t get past the dishonesty of that first line…”Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl this year.” But if I did ask Santa for something, it would be a visit from this little booger, my sweet as Christmas treats new cousin Baby Georgie!

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1 and 2 and 3 and 4

Found a gym! Thank JAH! I think if I had waited another week my sore muscles would have formed a union and put together a strike. As much as I sit in front of a computer with hunched shoulders and stand in hard soled shoes, I need a little stretch now and then. Without it, my bones get to achin’! So this past Monday, I finally put my foot down and said, “GYM. Happening. THIS WEEK.” I asked around and found a reasonably priced gym right next door to my school. If you’ve been paying attention, you’d know that my apartment is two doors down from my school and now with my gym being one door down from that, my entire life happens within a one block radius. It’s pretty sweet. Especially since it’s been snowing a bit more regularly and it is COLD out.

The gym itself is fine. I have no idea what it’s called as everything is in Korean, including the class schedule, but the girl at the front desk did recoginize the word “yoga” after I said it about 10 different ways and was able to point to its block on the calendar. I’ll be going to my first Korean yoga class tomorrow at 8:00. Hopefully, that is when the class is held. We will seeeeeee.

Two of my co-teachers went and signed up for a 3 month long membership with me, which was great, because once we got to walking around and trying to figure out where to change and what lockers we were supposed to use, I realized it would not have been much fun doing these things on my own. Let’s just say, opening doors that may or may not have naked bodies roaming about freely behind them would have been a good deal more intimidating on my own. Guess I should have googled “Men’s Locker Room” and “Women’s Locker Room” in Korean. We paid our won and were issued membership cards, locker keys, towels, and workout clothes. Workout clothes? Yes. Much like P.E. class at good ol’ SVA, circa 2001, we were given regulation matching gym shorts and t-shirts. I thought this was hilarious and was super pumped. Until I put the shorts on. I’m not so vain that I can’t handle a grey and orange t-shirt, but GIANT basketball shorts? Negative. I looked like I was on my way to a local Korean bull-dogga convention. The type of place where they don’t wear no lipsticks, but they do wear sandals… just not in a feminine way. So I decided to forgo the shorts and just leave on my leggings, strange Korean gym rules BE DAMNED! Thankfully, the gym clothes turned out to be less of a “rule”, and more of a complimentary extra. Though, I was the only one not in the man shorts.

Korean treadmills are essentially the same as American treadmills. Same goes for Korean weight machines and Korean stretching areas. What WAS completely different and new to me was a row of these babies…

And one of these.

That video is kinda sucky, but it was the ONLY one I could find. And I looked. You get the idea though. You stand on a platform, switch the button “on” and go to shakey town. It is AWKWARD let me tell you. And kind of awesome. Awesomely funny, really. Not sure how much good it’s doing, but I can’t imagine it’s doing any harm! I tried both, of course. The band thing felt super strange and made my waist all red. The shakey platform was the harder machine of the two. I didn’t stay on it long, but I could see how it could be tiring for your quads if you committed some time to it.

So, there you have it. A tutorial on what to expect if you ever find yourself in a Korean gym. It’s no Crunch, but it’s a good little gym and I’m uber psyched to have found it. My co-teacher said it when she noted that there is really no excuse in the world not to go. It’s nearby, it’s been paid for, they give you clothes for goodness sake. They don’t give you the willpower, but I have a feeling if I keep looking I’ll find some wacky Asian herbal shop where they’ve figured out how to bottle that and pass it out as a complimentary extra too.

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I may have mentioned at some point or other that I have a few interior design blogs that I obsess over. I love to look at images of beautiful homes and interiors and see how other people live. A bit voyeuristic, I’ll admit. Regardless, there is something incredibly satisfying about pouring over pages and pages of pretty sofas, vintage rugs and modern kitchens. I’m assuming this obsession is related to having grown up in a home that seems to be structurally held together by stacks of backcopies of Southern Living. I swear, every time I’m home at Tybee, I throw away at least 3 trash bags full of old, dusty magazines. Yet, my mother’s collection never seems to dwindle. It’s like a growth you can’t kill. ANYWAY- I’m telling you all this because
1. we’re friends now and I don’t want us having any secrets
2. I need to be able to reference this obsession, without worrying myself that I may confuse you, dear reader, as it is such a large part of my life 3. I wanted to show you this image that I feel would BE me, if I were a room…

It’s pink and sunny and girly and kinda old school and a little Southern and I love it. I’ve seen this image before, maybe a year ago, and I sent it to my mom in an e-mail that read something like “OHMIGAHHHH I love this room! Do you love it? I LOVE it. PINK WALLS. YES. Can you buy me a house in Nashville and figure out how to re-create it exactly?” She never responded to that one. So, when I came across the image again yesterday, I took it as a sign. This room and I will meet one day. I don’t know when or how, but we will. We will meet and I will lounge in the sunshine and smell the fresh flowers and eat something as equally as lush and colorful as, like, this, maybe…

So yeah. Here at Kids Club we have Show and Tell every Monday, and while it’s not Monday, I wanted to Show and Tell. So now I’ve shown and I’ve told. If this was less than enjoyable for you, dear reader, let me know and I’ll try and figure out how to refund you your time. If this was the highlight of your day, check out the below blogs that I love…







They’re beautiful and interesting and in all the Asian-ness that I am currently living with, completely un-Asian. And that is sometimes just what the doctor ordered when I’m plagued by the homesick blues. The last two blogs belong to two of my besties from back home! Enjoy!

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