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I can’t wait. I can’t stop thinking about it. I spend every waking moment hopping from daydream to daydream. Hot weather, beautiful blue ocean waters, mountains to marvel at. I haven’t been this excited about anything since.. well… ever. Prepare to drool. And that’s just the start of it. We plan to ride elephants, feed baby tigers. I want to smoke (or hold, more or less, really) a giant cigar while screaming, sweaty and red faced through the ropes of a muay thai boxing match. I want to get sunburned and drunk and run around like an animal (metaphorically, duh). We’ll be camping on the beach here, in heaven. A “Full Moon” party looks like something I could enjoy.

I don’t know about all the house music, but I do love a good ol’ fashion fire limbo competition. Don’t worry- I’ve been interchanging the above video with the below video, as to keep myself from going overboard.

I have a strict game plan to keep at least 30 feet from all good looking, blonde Australians.

UHHHHHHHH!!! The FUNNNNN!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE??? I can. I mean, I have been. Trying to imagine what kind of awesome I’m in store for. Only 24 days and a 6 hour layover in China from now. THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS.


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