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“Monica Teacher! Do you know a movie called E.T.? A movie man named Steven Spielberg made it.” -Jamie, age 6

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It’s a birthday day here at school. Again. It seems to always be someone’s birthday. It wasn’t one of my students, so it must be a 4 or 5 year old. The moms bring in all this stuff; birthday cake, fruit, cookies, candies, rice cake (a Korean treat), juice boxes. They go all out. The kids never finish all the grub, so they bring the leftovers to the teacher’s room and shove it right in my face and I try to ignore all the deliciousness on the table next to me while I grade tests and print out coloring sheets. Somedays it’s pretty much impossible to ignore. Today is one of those days. The cake is green and therefore no one else seems to see it’s delicious potential, so I just had to eat some of it so it wouldn’t feel bad about itself and develop a complex. Green cake needs love too! I’ve just been so sleep deprived and tired lately and being tired always makes me crave sugar. Apparently sleep deprivation also makes me conjure up metaphysical feelings for inanimate objects. I’m going to slowly put down the fork now and walk away before this gets serious.

Spring as most definitely sprung around these parts and with the cherry blossoms and warmer weather, a schedule worthy of my mother (she is the QUEEN of busy in the springtime) has come too. I am taking Korea for all it’s worth now that the cold weather is finally sulking away. I’m gonna bend this country over my knee and show it who’s boss. I’ve only got 6 months left (can you BELIEVE?) and it’s crunch time. I did a weekend trip featuring a 7 hour hike the first weekend in April which was AH-mazing. Super intense. Sooooo great. Last weekend I attended a Korean wedding which was also AH-mazing, super intense and sooooo great. This coming weekend I am doing a 2 day, 30 mile in total, bike tour which will hopefully be AH-mazing, super intense and sooooo great. I have also joined the Seoul Writer’s Club, thrown myself into my yoga studies, signed up for a 5K and found the time to see the Vagina Monologues translated into English. Ba BOOM. Winning.

Please excuse my sure-to-be lighter blog load in the upcoming months. I’ve got one million pictures to upload from the hike and the wedding, which I will do soon. But for now, I’ll have my green tea with raisin cake and eat it too.

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Please excuse the messy blog/ imagine display below. I tried over and over again to get the pictures of each kid in my kindergarten class to line up properly and display their names below their picture in a uniform fashion. (I won’t even make the obvious joke here that they won’t line up properly in real life, so why should their pictures…) I just couldn’t make this thing work. WordPress is being very fussy today and decided to have a melt down. I guess it just wanted some attention.

It’s funny how being a teacher makes me think anything that doesn’t go my way is doing so to get attention. Attention is a special form of currency around these parts (school I mean, not Korea). Kids ache for it. They need it. They cannot live without it. Well obviously they can’t live without it. They do need some attention so they get fed and all, but MAN. They will do ANYTHING, and I mean anything, just to get you to acknowledge them. And it’s not like I’m waltzing around school with my nose in the air ignoring children. I’m on the floor, I’ve got kids in my lap, I’m picking them up and swinging them around and I let myself be a regular jungle gym most of the time. Nonetheless, you better guarantee if one kid bumps their head, cries, gets a big hug and a quick back rub from me… it is ON. Every kid in the class is then magically sick, sad, or hurt. It’s amazing. It’s like they have these tiny bodies and tiny brains and they are so small and innocent looking yet they could give Dakota Fanning a run for her money with the acting skills. Little manipulators to the max! They are cute though. Annnd I love them. But don’t tell them that. See below for attention seeking examples. Warning: this is extra cute because I broke out a camera and they will throw elbows to get their pictures taken. Some may ham it up and some may hide their face. Different approaches, but they are looking for the same reaction. They want to hear the click of the shutter. Attention. They live for it.

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