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CHUSEOK: Korean Thanksgiving…

Neat costumes… (or as history and culture would like us to call them, “hanboks”)

Pushing each other…

Chuseok ROCKS!

P.S. I’ve been quite busy trying to knock off items on my Korean bucket list as of late. Last Sunday I got the chance to visit Everland, Korea’s fake Disney World. It was AWESOME. Mega awesome. Rode the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster, watched Russian “cast members” dance to Korean kiddie tunes in a day-glow themed Halloween parade, ate seriously overpriced candy, saw a real life liger, and took a ride through the Korean equivalent of “It’s a Small World.” It was way scarier than the roller coaster. Like Chuckie’s great- grandfather toured the world with the libido of one of the dudes from Jersey Shore and one million super CREEPY multi-cultural doll offsprings were created. Check it.

You’re Welcome!

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One year ago…

…today, my Facebook status read…

Monica Phillips’s life revolves around Korean immigration.

Glad that’s over! Here’s to pushing through the bull malarkey and not giving up!

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I get so emotional…

But not in the way Miss Houston once described in her hit song…

It’s started. Already. With the curtains coming down on my Korean experience in just a few weeks, I have already stated falling into this ridiculous habit of gazing at my students like a criminal/ father on death row. When I’m not attempting to shell out some form of disciplinary action or convincing kids that hangnails do not warrant a trip to the emergency room, I’m getting all teary eyed over the idea that I won’t be seeing them everyday, in the not so far off future. It doesn’t help that I got this note this afternoon from one of my grade 1s.

To Monicateacher
Hey! Monicateacher I love you very monicateacher. I like you! very very much you are very very very very good teach when I ever see it. Thanks.
from Nicole

Seriously. I almost wept. Is that not the most adorable? But, she might need to knock off one of those verys when referencing my teaching skills by the looks of her writing skills.

This is pretty high up there on the adorable scale too…

What in the world are these young scholars discussing, you ask? Does it matter? They are just SO ADORABLE. FYI, Andrew is talking about a TV commercial for the Galaxy Tab (the iPad’s Asian cousin) where it shows a cobra on the screen and the tab eats a cell phone (of a rivial company’s make) with an elephant on the screen, or something to that effect. At the time, I was like, am I witnessing the side effects of fetal soju syndrome? but then I randomly saw the commercial on TV and totally felt bad for questioning my little man. Are they not smart or what? And they remember EVERYTHING. It’s scary. But not as scary as how attached to these kiddies I’ve become.

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This is weird. Only two more months of Korea. Can you believe? I can’t. I feel like I just got off the boat a few days ago. Just worked up the courage to start a blog. Just said BUH-BYE to the good ol’ U S of A. And now… here we are. Wrapping things up, more or less. I really can’t believe it.

I’m planning a big Top Ten post in the spirit of a truly great American, David Letterman, to come soon. I just started a new yoga class in the early morn’ so I’ve been going to bed super early to compensate for getting used to a 5:45 a.m. call time. I’ll get my waking up early ju-ju back soon enough and with that’ll come a brilliant post full of hilarity and wisdom wrapped up all special like for you to sink your teeth into. Not unlike a delicious order of Korean gimbap (my current fav). Until then… here are some random visual highlights of the past year…

(that don’t really warrant their own individual explanations)

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